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I am having trouble understanding how you are measuring the voltages to ground and it sounds like you are not testing things correctly, the way it seems to me at least. If you are disconnecting a ground lead and then measuring the voltage on the wire that was tied to ground but is now isolated from ground, you don't want to look for ground issues that way. You need to check for a voltage drop while the grounds are connected normally. Since you are using the battery post as your ground reference you then check for voltage drops at the main ground points. If you see an unreasonable voltage at that ground point it means there is some resistance between that ground point and the negative battery post.

If you are seeing 12 volts on an open wire that normally ties to ground it means that Ohm's Law is still working correctly. When you open the return wire of any circuit that has power applied to it you will see whatever the applied voltage is to that circuit, in this case 12 volts. No current is flowing because the circuit is now open so no voltage drop can appear across any loads on the circuit. All the voltage will appear at the open point of the circuit. When the open wire is reconnected to ground and current flows the loads will then have the proper voltage drop across them.

2004 WRX Sti

137 pin 1 and 2- blk/red - ground
137 pin 14-org- line end connector

Ebay is a good place to purchase manuals for a good price.
137 pin 15-grn/red-power
137 pin 16-blu/yel- to AC control module connector B283 pin 4
137 pin 17-light grn/wht-main relay coil

135 pin 26- violet/wht- fuel pump controller
135 pin 27- grn/wht- combination meter

Ebay has manuals available for a reasonable price.
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