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Default '03 wrx - a/c compressor shutoff by...?

So my '03 WRX has GREAT A/C - when it works. However, it intermittently stops working, seemingly at random. Looking at it on gauges, when it works, the pressures are fine around 175 high, 40 or so low. When it kicks off, the pressures do just what you'd expect, equalize low & high at around 95 psi. When it kicks off, it might come right back on in a minute, or it might stay off indefinitely. Looking at it with it "stuck" off, I can confirm that there's nothing wrong with pressures, the evaporator isn't frozen up (air flows fine... as long as you like 85+ degree air in your face), no voltage at the compressor. Manually running a 12v wire to the compressor makes the a/c work wonderfully (normal pressures, good temps, etc). I'm checking the relay as well, but I believe it is fine ( I can trip it 100% of the time by putting 12v across the coils). So, it is my belief that the 12v supply to the compressor is being broken somewhere between the switch and the compressor. I know that different vehicles have different break points; some have temperature sensors on the evaporator, some have low and/or high pressure sensors in the lines, some have combinantions of any or all of the above. Does anyone know which the '03 WRX would have, and where it (they) are located? If anyone knows of a schematic of the a/c system somewhere, that would be extremely helpful. Also if anyone disagrees with my conclusions, please feel free to point out where I'm going wrong.

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