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Originally Posted by Ace41912 View Post
I had just found this post as a sticky. Haven't been on here in a bit. Having earlier posted a question about what mods to get XXX horsepower, this post will greatly help me reform my questions so I don't get flamed again. Awesome Help!!

On another note, I have heard about the Mustang dynos being "harder" to generate numbers on.?... is that necessarily true? and why or why not?

Thanks in advance from a noob.
Yes its true. Mustang dyno's generally read lower then other dynos. However some shops have setup their dynojets (P&L) to give similiar "low" reading numbers to the mustang. IMO these are more "real" then any other number created on the dynojets/dynapacks.

The mustang dyno by me is like a rolling road. It will apply it's brakes to a certian percent to give resistance/drag depending on the vehicle weight.

I put down 220whp/230wtq stock and 262whp/286wtq stage II. Obviously those numbers are FAR from impressive, but the car can still do 12.9 in the 1/4 and whip you back in your seat.

A dyno should be used as a tuning tool, and used to compare numbers vs stock form. the 262whp/286 means nothing to me. gaining 42whp and 56wtq while stage two on the same dyno means something to me.

Im no dyno expert and i kinda rambled, hope it somewhat helps you.
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