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Thumbs up :-)

Originally posted by dug-e-fresh
hey man... I wasn't trying to be a d!ck or anything... I just thought you might have decided not to do it anymore... no harm in that... but I just wanted to make sure it was kept going!!

Thanks for the reply... sorry to doubt you!!!

So is there a new link... or does the old one take you there?


I'm glad you brought the subject up or else I would've lazely continued to put off getting it back up.

There are no old links to take you to it. The site pretty much just went down like a few thousand other people's sites who had @home accounts. I just never bothered to find out where exactly my new site was going to be at. Comcast didn't provide me with any literature about setting up my website and what the link would be. After reading your post today, I just decided to find out by trial and error where it would be at. So now it's back up.
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