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Originally Posted by dgmsubby View Post

Is that photoshopped gold paint? If not, is it rattle canned? Just wondering, something looks weird.

Originally Posted by emsta View Post
looking for some opinions. i have an 06 impreza i have made some changes, wheels and intake and would like an exhaust and have it lowered. but my car is at 195 000 km (121 000 miles) do you think i should still be putting money into this or save for a whole other car?
Depends on condition. If it was very well maintained, and looks almost perfect and runs perfect, but just has the high mileage, I'd keep it until it gets too expensive to keep it running, like a big repair bill just doesn't make sense to pay because you could put that $$ on a new car, etc..

If you like the car, keep it, just know that you won't ever get a ton of cash when you sell it eventually. Having a nice car that still looks and runs great, with no monthly car payment- is a beautiful thing!

If it's starting to rust anywhere, has cosmetic problems that really bug you, has a beat up interior, is costing you a lot in repairs, etc... just save for a newer car that you would enjoy more. Then put the customization $$ toward your new car and plan on keeping the new one for a long time if you like it..

Mileage is just a number.. condition is everything. The time that isn't true is when you get hit and car is totalled- then insurance co can use that number to rape you.

120k miles isn't THAT much for a well looked after, relatively newer Subaru. If it's maintained and not abused, it could go for another 100k miles and not cost too much to keep it running.

I bought my '09 new (first bran new car) in '09. Now it has 27k miles, and I plan on keeping it for a very long time, long after it's paid off in a few years.
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