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Default 1986.5 GL Turbo with RX trim??

Hey folks,
I found this forum whilst doing one of many parts searches.

I've had a 1986 1/2 Subaru 3-door turbo coupe/hatchback for... 20-odd years, I purchased it in 1997 from the original owner. It's been a bit of a mystery model for most of its life: the VIN & registration make it a GL Turbo, as does the maroon color. The Subaru only shop that has kept it in shape for the entire two decades I've owned it has always considered it an RX, and generally that's the parts match when we need them.

It's been a daily driver since I purchased it, clocking about 242,000 miles this year, original engine et. al., with no major issues except the expected head gasket a few years back.

I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a similar car? I've seen RX's occasionally, almost always the white ones. I have yet to run into another GL Turbo hatchback like mine though.

About a week ago someone did a hit & run on my baby, taking out the front quarter panel, wheel, strut, & suspension on the drivers side. Insurance has totalled it as expected, but my shop & I decided to keep it and do our best to get it back on the road... it would be sad to have what seems to be a one-off car taken out in such an unfair way, IMO.

Here are a couple of the most recent photos of it whole and happy. I'd love to hear from anyone who's run into another one!

Note: this isn't the original paint; I bumped a post in a parking garage about 9 years ago and ended up replacing the drivers side quarter panel, and had it painted to match the original color when all was said and done. Hence you can't see the '4WD' insignia that should be right below the side trim and in front of the rear wheel wells.

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