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It is legal to buy cars from the states and bring them to Canada, and modify them to meet Canadian requirements. It is Illegal to buy cars from anywhere else that do not meet Canadian specs from the factory and modify them and bring them to Canada. Unless they are more then 16 years old. Couple exceptions maybe if you bought and own a car in another country while living there for more then six months... I know I could have brought an English car from England to Canada when I lived in England while going to school there even though I was a Canadian resident. But there was a time limit. I almost brought a Rolls Royce back with me.

The State tax should be refundable, just like GST is for non Canadians who visit here. Mind you Provincial tax isn't refunded to us Albertans when we go to BC. Unless I've been missing something.

For the above $45,000 Total you missed the Transportation fee, the Export liscence fee, the Brokerage fee, add $5000.00. You might as well buy a 2005 STi at Subaru Calgary for $54,000 tax in.

Also remember the US 04 STi was the Base model not the Premium one sold in Canada.
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