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Originally Posted by crazyazn911 View Post
I believe in luck...without luck, hard work can only get you so far...
Most definitely, you see it all the time, someone gets a job because they know somebody in the company. That sir is that factor I sum up to luck. You may be qualified and what not but you were unlucky that they had someone who applied for the job who is connected.

Originally Posted by notjustforshow View Post
There's the statistical luck, as in some people get a favorable outcome just because it is not possible for everyone to have that same outcome.

There's the just plain unexplainable luck, like being born into a wealthy family

I guess you could say that in the end it is just a statistical outcome where you define the result as better than average.

I personally believe that Luck is a skill. If you try hard enough you will be lucky!
That comes down to the whole power of attraction thing. Can't really call luck a skill though since that alone is an oxymoron. I think it all comes down to being at the right place at the right time, that doesn't require skill.

Originally Posted by shawmacs View Post
Paul is just an unlucky cynic
She didn't let him pee in her butt again. Poor paul
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