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I guess I'm looking at the bigger picture, sure it may be 'lucky' on an individual basis that this girl named Paris was born to the Hilton family, but it's not luck that the Hilton's had a kid and the kid gets to spend their money... Regardless if Paris was born to them or not, it doesn't matter, if it was a boy, he would've still had the same amount of money to throw around. It's still the same idea.

You can do stuff to get noticed at sporting events, I wore face paint and a jersey to a Canucks game and they put the spotlight on me for my 5 seconds of fame, wasn't exactly a huge deal. She also didn't have to get into the acting business. Furthermore, she used to be an attractive woman, that betters her odds, maybe she was dressed to get more attention too... and then she got a boob job and her popularity soared. I still think action + consequence are much more significant factors relative to 'luck'.

and I didn't say 'luck' doesn't exist, I just don't 'believe' in it since ts impact is miniscule enough to be negligible... aka. don't put your faith in lotto tickets.
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