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Originally Posted by aspect View Post
In my opinion, luck and similar concepts are inventions of the human brain trying to rationalize a tremendously complicated and often seemingly arbitrary world.

I also think that, in general, people are far too quick to put daily events down to chance. For example, something like your car breaking down on the way to a big job interview. Many people would call that bad luck, but in reality it would have nothing to do with chance. If you had an accurate enough computer model of your particular car's engine, you could have accurately predicted the exact moment of failure long before it happened. Same goes for people who get burned on investments, or people who get laid off while others keep their jobs, or anything else unfortunate. There is always a causality for these types of events, even if the model is so complex that it would be unreasonable for one person to entirely understand it.

Even something that is picked "at random" has a predictable result if you understand all the variables. There is no such thing as a completely random computer generated number, nor are there completely random decisions made by people, nor are there complete random physical events out in the world. There is ALWAYS a seed variable or event or bias in the process that, if you were able to model out the ENTIRE system, would predict a specific result.

Having a rich family and then having things easier because you have a rich family isn't luck, that's called a social class structure.
Maybe that's what luck is... the infinite number of decision strings that all collide together to result in you making good/poor choices with the final result based on what occurs around you.
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