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Default boost trim error

Tip-in-enrichment (boost error)
This is the extra fuel added to tip in enrichment at a particular boost error (so it's a tip in enrichment enrichment). This will only need to be adjusted if you added larger injectors or a fmic.

1.) For a fmic, set all cells to 0 (the much longer ic piping eliminates the need for this table)
2.) For larget injectors on a tmic, multiply each value by (new injector size / original injector size)
** 2.)is a best guess base on the info from the cobb tuning guide. It's a guess since cobb's fuel multipliers seems to be the inverse of romraiders. The raw ecu values seems to have an inverse relationship with the units used by romraider

I believe there is an error about the "tip-in enrichment compensation (boost error)", "Fuel Iinjector Boost Trim Error" in street tuner here

romraider seem to allow -99.22 to 99.22 values in this table

street tuner alows 0-255

looking at both stock tables it seems that -99.22 in romraider would = 0 in street tuner which would = no boost trim compensation

I think that they are liner just different values

using Sreet Tuner and their instructions I rescaled this table fo 650cc injectors from 550 stocks

this is what it ends up as in the same map I pulled with ECU flash

my math is +100*(old/new)= X -100 = (new value)...but thats not right

I am trying to scale this for 1100cc injectors in romraider any one want to do the math .....I'm tired
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