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Originally Posted by Hurley 2.5 WRS View Post

u must not get what he said.

get ANY push style awd flywheel. (its what comes on NA subarus. and no, just because its on an NA subaru, it does not mean an aftermarket push style wont hold the power)

THEN get an ACT street clutch for a push style transmission. (according to jaxx, it will hold fine)

now, guess what car is NA? a 2.5 RS. just get a freaking aftermarket flywheel and clutch that will fit a 2.5rs (and hold the power, ie the ACT clutch) and youre good to go, its not complicated.

most annoying swap thread ever......
NO, I didn't get what he said when he referred to the oem cheap flywheel not being "strong enough". After he replied saying it didn't matter and that he thought the link was for a clutch, I understood that part. He misunderstood me, therefore I misunderstood him, get a grip. Just because you may understand the details because maybe you've already dealt with them doesn't mean you have to start "e" yelling in this thread.
Now to the part you don't seem to understand. I'm trying to avoid buying the most expensive lightest freaking flywheel ever and instead buy something a little lighter than stock, if possible. I would like to retain around 16-18lbs or so on the flywheel because I plan on getting a solid aluminum crank pulley and don't want the combined weight loss to throw a cel. If I can find one in that range, I'm going to ask questions to help find one. If you don't have anything helpful to post, why not post somewhere else? I started this thread to learn some things and show my painstakingly slow progress, not to start a cockfest.

Btw, small update. I am ordering the original sti version mls headgaskets but it will take almost a month to get them. I just hope they are the correct ones this time around.
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