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1) You can kill yourself, your passengers, and bystanders JUST as easily driving a 106hp Civic sedan.

2) Things happen MUCH quicker in a performance car; therefore, you get in over your head without realizing you're at that point.

3) Young drivers DO NOT need, nor can be trusted with performance cars because the temptation and peer pressure is far too great. It's bad enough with a slow car.

4) All young drivers should enroll in a SCCA sponsered Steet Survival course to fully understand the limits of a car.

5) You young pups don't know what slow is. Most of us 30-somethings and older had 80 to 110hp cars as our first rides. These cars did upper 16 and 17 second 1/4 miles and 10+ second 0-60s which was considered decently fast back in the 1990s. The fact that my kids will likely own a low 15 second car for their first car scares the crap out of me. I know how stupid we ALL were at 16. Thank God these cars will have stability control, ABS, and other crash safety features our tin can mid-1980s Hondas didn't have.
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