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Originally Posted by s2ktosti View Post
You fail at the interwebs, you should never post again. It's been proven time and time again that winter tires stop MUCH MUCH shorter and get WAY WAY better traction on ice than summer or all season tires.
Keep in mind, TireRack has been exceptional at perpetuating the notion that EVERYONE must have snow tires if they live in an area that gets any snow. They're also in the business of selling tires. For one, why in the world would anyone attempt to driving on a sheet of ice? We've gotten bad ice storms that glazed the streets in a 1"+ sheet of ice. No car or truck, no matter the tires, is going anywhere. Salt trucks have to back up and put salt/sand under their tires to make it up the most minor of grades. You can't walk on it, but rather crawl.

The most dangerous ice is black ice obviously because you can't see it. When you hit black ice, you're almost always going at a rate of speed that no tire, stability control system, etc. will save you in the event of an emergency manuver. You're already in way over your head.

Here's a novel idea. If the roads are covered in ice or you know the conditions will be such soon, don't drive. Same goes for impending snow storms. Don't drive when they're going to hit and avoid driving until the snow crews have worked the streets a bit. It's not like it's surprise when these events happen as you know about it days in advance. Hardly any of us have jobs where we MUST be there, no matter the conditions. Most employers would rather keep their employees safe and to work late rather than hurt or dead.
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