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Originally Posted by Jack ffr1846 View Post
Search n00b.......

If you can fit into a 7 1/8, you could borrow mine, but it's not a large...more like a medium. (KFoote, close your browser).... Nick...put yourself in STGT. When you're in tech, tell them you're only doing the school. This will reduce hassles. When I drive my street car on school days, I don't put a class on the car. (illegal, but that's what I do)

For a 2 driver car, fill in as a 2 driver car. They'll put you and your tuner in 2 different groups. Likely 3 and 4 unless the tuner has lots of track time. You'll both have to pay the full fee.

Don't worry that you are not driving well. In 4, nobody drives well. (for that matter, there are huge differences in average driving skill from 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 and 2 to 1 and 1 to instructors). Pay close attention to the instructor and do what he says. (unless he says to turn left at turn 3......I do that all the time for some reason). Stay in your comfort zone and allow the instructor to drive your car for the first 3 or so laps. Don't "try" to be fast. Overdriving into a corner will not make you fast. Better to be slow in and fast out. Try to snag rides with any instructor during the 0 run group sessions if you're not otherwise tied up with class or other required stuff.

Get searching for laps at NHMS in-car on line. There are tons of vids. Watch them with a track map and try to get as much in memory about where the track goes as possible. I still remember, back when we ran 2 stone wheels at Bridgehampton being lost on the course. Luckily, Barney was on the side pointing me in the right direction with promisses of Bronto burgers if I didn't slide off the side of the volcano into the tar pits.

I HAVE to buy a helmet... I will sweat it to death I'm sure!

If I'm only running the student day, does the classifiecation really matter. I picked SSB since as of this very moment I am SSB (I think). The bits mentioned will be installed the week of the event. Is STGT overshooting or being optimistically honest?

Ok on the 2 driver dealy, that's what I figured. I asked the question in the notes on the registration but nobody got back to me yet.

Yeah I have no track experience, I've run autoX a couple of times, but not in the new car. I will listen blindly! Good news is since I have no real experience I shouldn't have too many bad habits to break.

I will look for some track vids to get a better feel for the track. I was looking for a track map, but didn't run across one yet.

Originally Posted by mug23 View Post
James, I think you'll be in the SPB class for sure.

Ron, looks like you have another person to compete against...

I think for what you have now, you'll be in the street touring class unless all the mods you mention is installed. Once all the mods is completed, you be in the SPB class.
What is the difference between STGT and SPB? The parts will be on the car before the event. So I'll also need to contact the COM guys to get my classification right.

Originally Posted by RyanC View Post
Nick, you can request me as an instructor if you want. I promise not to laugh at you if you suck, but I might call you a ***** if you don't use your brakes hard enough Just ask for Ryan Catucci in the notes field on your registration page.
I'll just listen to what you tell me, since I don't know any better! I did already register though, so how can I request you at this point? I'm not afraid to use my car, and brakes I'll be happy to apply, I think in the acceleration part I might be a little gunshy at first until I get more use to the car on the track.

Originally Posted by Jack ffr1846 View Post
You know what? When I gave Ryan a ride at Lime Rock, he did that to me too...... I figured he was just nervous. Come to think of it, it was not my leg......

I didn't see you registered, Ryan.

I did see Nick.....hahahaha SSB.

jack (Unamused LGT in blazing Turd Brown)
Damn't... Ryan... no grab ass! I'll be nervous enough without the added pressure!
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