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Originally Posted by dankdisciple View Post
@Supa: I'm sure that you've answered this many times, but save me the searching for it please? What lip you got there?
Black Aero Type VR Carbon Fiber Lip

Originally Posted by dankdisciple View Post
@Everyone: My DGM '12 is still bone stock, and im in no hurry as its my DD grad present to myself, but apart from engine upgrades, whats a good order for mods. Tints next week, thinking that maybe the coilovers first? then wheels then exhaust? Or a build order link would be much appreciated also..
My opinion of build order:

1.) ACCESSPORT ACCESSPORT ACCESSPORT - hands down best $600 Investment for your vehicle.

2.) Pick What's more important to you. Go Fast Pew Pew time, or go bling bling purdy times.

If Fast Pew Pew Time:

3.) Grab A Downpipe
4.) Grab a Decent 3 inch Cat back.
5.) Grab an intake if you like whoosh sound but won't really create a huge performance boost until higher Horsepower.
6.) Custom Tune and be happy time
7.) Sky is the limit. Bigger Turbo, electronic boost controller, bigger TMIC, or FMIC, headers, over 22lbs of boost new By Pass Valve etc...

If go bling bling purdy time:

3.) Tint/overlays if you like them
4.) Good set of coilovers if you like adjustability or a good spring/shock combo to address some body roll and handling plus less wheel gap.
5.) Wider Wheels with some meat for some more rubber contact.
6.) Lip Kit if you are into that kind of thing.
7.) Sway bars maybe if you like it a bit stiffer.
8.) Engine Bay Dress up. Radiator Shround, pulley cover, Bigger Turbo Heatshield
8.) Sky is the limit after that.

The reason I split this up was in my opinion its easier to stick with one area of a project and complete it and then move onto something else than trying to do everything at once. Also, set aside a budget that you are comfortable spending on modding your car. Are you looking to spend 4K, 10K, 15K? This all should be factored in. Remember even though you love your car the likelihood of getting the money out of it that you put in is unlikely so make sure you are comfortable about what you spend on it because you won't see that money again most likely. Also remember modding your car comes with the standard "You Pay to Play" if you buy cheap parts, don't install them correctly, or mistreat the vehicle and it goes boom its on you and no one else. Sometimes Subaru is cool and will fix it and sometimes they tell you you are **** out of luck. I would take a month or two sit down get a budget together and do your homework before you start any kind of modding. It will help you decide on a plan, direction, look and it will come together more appropriately. This of course is all my opinion.
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