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Originally Posted by CGM_WRX View Post
Thanks for taking the time to do a detailed write up to share with us and linking to your original coating thread. I've been back and forth between one of the Gyeon products and Gloss Coat and think I am settled on Gloss Coat when it warms up a bit and I have a few days in a row to dedicate to the whole process.
No problem! That is great to hear you are looking into ceramic coatings. This is my 4th car with a coating, and ever since the first car I coated, I swore I would never own another car without a coating! They offer great protection against chemicals and micro/light scratches. It is nice to know you have a sacrificial top layer on your car that can be easily removed and reapplied if something bad happens to it. Plus, they make washing and maintenance so easy. Bugs, tar, bird poop come off so easy with just a couple of swipes with a towel and a quick detailer/waterless wash!

I think alot of people are turned off by coatings because they are afraid the application process is too difficult. Honestly, anyone who has basic polishing skills and understanding of detailing basics, should have no problems applying it. And once you have the process down, it isn't any harder then applying a wax or sealant. A little more prep is needed, but not much, and the longevity is way longer then any sealant or wax.

Here is a link to one of the only videos that clearly shows the process of applying Gloss Coat, and does a good job of showing how the product goes on, and flashes:

Here are a few tips I have learned over the last few years applying and maintaining my coatings:

1. Polishing is a very important step, even if your paint is free of defects, as it will remove stuff you can't see like road film and ect, that wasn't removed in the washing and decontaminating steps, that impact how your coating adheres to your clearcoat. It is important you use a polish that doesn't have any fillers, and doesn't leave anything behind, that could also impact how your coating adhears. I would recommend Optimums Hyper Compound/Hyper Polish as a 2 step polish, or Optimum's Intensive Polish as a 1 step.

2. Don't skimp on prep, and spend the $15 extra on Optimum's Paint Prep, as this is one of the most important steps.

3. Multiple Coats of Gloss Coat won't offer a thicker coating, and thus more protection. However applying 2 coats will ensure complete coverage, as the 2nd coat will fill in any spots you missed.

4. Try not to get the coating wet until atleast 2 days after you apply your gloss coat. You shouldn't wash it, or use harsh chemicals on it, for 2-3 weeks after application, to ensure it completely cures.

5. When washing, use a soap that doesn't have any wax or gloss enhancers, as they can effect the beading properties of the coatings. I use Carpro Reset on every wash, as it is designed for coatings, leaves nothing behind, and has good suds and deep cleaning properties. Optimum also just released a similar soap, designed specifically for their coatings. I haven't heard much about it, but I have been a fan of everything of theirs I have used, so I can't imagine it being at least as good as reset, if not better for their coatings.

6. Once the coating is fully cured, the only way to remove it is through polishing. Even a light polishing can remove it. If you have defects in the coating, you always want to try to remove them with chemicals first, otherwise, you will have to polish the entire panel, and re-apply it.

7. Waterspots can be a problem with coatings. At one point, my car got hit by a sprinkler and sat in the sun all day. It had bad waterspots allover the front and side of the car. I figured I would have to completely redo the coating on those panels. APC, Vinegar, and Claying didn't do anything against them. However I was able to remove them completely and easily without effecting the coating with Carpro Water Spot Remover. There are a few different chemical water spot removers out there. Some work on better on certain types of water spots then others. For Example, Optimum's MDR had no effect on them, where Carpro's completely removed them.

Here is a pic of my waterspots:

Anyways, I am not going to pretend like I am an expert, but have a decent hobbiest level of experience with Optimum's coatings, and have done a ton of internet research. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I would be happy to answer them if I can, or try and point you in the right direction. Good luck!
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