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Originally Posted by subaru3169

just spoke with op on the phone earlier this evening.. i find it odd that qrack didn't simply send a shipping label to have the first rack sent back and at least try to negotiate a compromise between what happened.. i mean, it'd make sense to have it sent back to get a proper tear down to see if it really were the rack.. then, have it rebuilt to how it should be and resell.. but what boggles my mind is why they would send a rack that's for the wrong model yr on the second one which to me, makes things even more complicated

disregarding the diagnosis and how to solve getting his steering rack properly functioning, the impression i get is how bad the customer service from qrack is especially by the post made by that person supposedly from qrack.. imo and strictly imo, i think what may be fair is qrack send a return shipping label to have the initial rack returned<AND INSPECTED> and half the cost of the labor with the shop

as a side note, which i also told op on the phone earlier, i had a similar issue on a smaller scale with maniacelectricmotors on one of their alternators.. luckily for me, i was still under the 1yr warranty.. but anyway, i told them what happened, they sent me a replacement with a return shipping label, and i shipped the first one back.. i followed up a week or two later and the first alternator i received was confirmed defective.. second one is still on my car and it has been over 4yrs going strong.. imo, that was good customer service.. though, idk how it would have turned out had i been outside the warranty

in any case, op said he can live with it for the time being as he already has for the past yr.. but i'm sure he'll go with my suggestion on having it inspected on his next major service.. either way, wish the op best of luck and i know several of us await to see how this gets resolved
Many people run the 06 rack on earlier years, it's not a issue.

Originally Posted by JASWRX

They said they would pay based on the assumption the rack was defective. If the rack is NOT defective........WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH would you expect them to pay. "It's that simple"

No, wrong again. They said they would pay Yimi directly after the install, regardless of the rack's condition. You were NOT there, so stop acting like it.

However, even if your pretend story was true, they did not send the return label, so even if they wanted to inspect it, they could not. How about you call Yimi and find out the truth. You pretend to have been there in the situation, and were at the scene, the day it was installed.

Lol I'm not the one with the imaginary story. You honestly expect us to believe that Q-rack would pay for all labor on the install, even if there rack wasn't the problem. Sorry I don't buy that, and that's not how you said it earlier either.

Every symptom you have described to us, is caused by a loss in pressure.........this would not be caused by the rack. Something else is wrong with your car. My suggestion, try a STi pump which should fix it. We've seen similar issues in the past when running the early WRX pumps.
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