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Announcements/Threads of Note

First thing off is, this is a TECHNICAL FORUM. No stories about how fast you got on the highway, asking what color WRX you should buy, or saying "hi I just bought my WRX isn't that great?" . Let's keep the topics technical and on-topic- no flaming folks. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE search before posting- most topics have been covered repeatedly .

How To: A/C Removal

The Official Cutout Thread

Compression test instructions with pics.

Stock vs Prodrive Muffler - including flow tests.

06 WRX Injectors Flow Tested to 560cc with Sheet

Choosing a Turbo for the EJ20 (detailed approach)

Let's make a complete compendium of big/rotates turbo kits.

List of Turbo Spool + Whp characteristics (averages)

WRX Detonation Cause FOUND! (Datalogs Included)

The Ultimate "Help me spend my money" Thread

PossumLink/Walbro GSS342 incompatibility thoughts

OBDII Codes, may be usefull

WARNING. If you have installed an aftermarket fuel pump PLEASE READ.

Common WRX Mod instructions for all

The Grounding Mod Thread

Improve factory boost solenoid for $2.88

Bolt Sizes

How To: DIY TGV Deletes

P0171 CEL Thread- EVERYTHING you wanted to know

If you have a misfire code, please read this first!

EVAP Purge Control Solenoid Info

How to clean your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE

If you find a thread that you feel should be added to the FAQ/threads of note, please click the "report bad post" icon () in the lower left hand corner of the post and fill out the comment dialogue stating it should be added to the FAQ/threads of note section. Thanks!
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