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If you have an 02-05 WRX, or an 04-05 FXT, it is also absolutely vital that you get rid of your OEM up pipe. These vehicles come with an up pipe which has a catalytic converter inside, these have been known to fail on even a bone stock car. Once modified they really arent up to the task of the higher exhaust gas volume and velocity, as well as the higher EGTs that typically come with the modified cars.

Its also a performance issue. Going to a catless up pipe will get you spooled faster. You get more torque everywhere, and if you can keep your right foot in check, improved gas milage!*this isnt typical, most people get the extra power and drive around all fast and stuff

While you can go with an OEM catless up pipe from an STI, or gut your own, Gutting your up pipe is a HUGE pain. Trust me on that one You will only do that ONCE then never want to do it again.

Its also recently been proven that there are real gains by using a better designed up pipe. The factory up pipe has the flex in the worst place, and VERY unsmooth bends.

We offer some of the best up pipes out there.

I almost always recommend the TurboXS up pipe. This is because it is priced very well, and is one of the best designed and built up pipes on the market. The flex section is high quality, and the bends are smooth and in the right places.

Special pricing on ALL TurboXS products.

We also offer a full range of intercoolers, including...

Perrin standard polished pipes

Perrin Signiture series, with the HOT red coated pipes

And the Perrin "Stealth" series. Keep it hidden from the cops and any unwitting victims

Want a killer FMIC on a bit more of a budget? The TurboXS FMIC is for you!

We also offer Turbo upgrades from Deadbolt, ATP and Forced Performance, as well as Perrin and TurboXS rotated mount turbo kits.
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