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Default Camshaft Burrs on Cam End

I was installing my cam seals using the 32mm socket method. Well, maybe my 32mm socket isn't exactly 32mm because I got some small burrs just near where the seal sits. (Just ordered the ASF Machining tool since I won't be at work for awhile to make one myself)

I've sanded them down, 320->400->600 grit, and applied a layer of JB Weld and flattened it out, I'll sand that down when it's time. (I do this all the time at work, when mold dies or steel parts get deburred and making a new mold or die is too expensive, have never had a problem with fast moving parts in 55 ton press machines, although I usually throw it on the mill to get the tolerance I need)

The only real problem I see is that the burrs would wear down the cam seal(on the exhaust side, as you all know the AVCS intake side the seal doesn't go around the camshaft so those should be fine, deburred them anyway) I don't really want to have to get new cams for the exhaust side and pull my heads again and send them to the machine shop. I guess I could measure myself and tell my machinist but it would probably be better to just send them to him.

Really annoyed that I didn't just buy the right tool in the first place. I've seen people on other cars using RTV for something like this, but I figured JBWeld would hold better.

Anyone have any thoughts? I figured if I can get it flat it should be a problem. And it's not really under the seal, it's right above it, mostly just worried about burrs when installing the seal since I don't think it actually rubs on the seal.
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