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On a suggestion from a fellow member I thought I would post my info and what help I need on my swap in this thread...

Here Goes:::

Quick info: My car is an 06 Base Model 2.5i. The car already has drive by wire, so the pedal setup is the same...Ive also found a variety of similarities in certain components.

What I have as far as engine/wiring goes, is an 04 STI longblock motor that is being built up. Now my intention is to purchase an 07 STI engine harness so it will plug into the 07 Dash harness I got.

Heres the pain in the butt: my questions + uncertainties.

1. I know that an 07 STI is auto I able to simply purchase the auto-hvac controls(Center console) and complete heater box aseembly and install it without issues? Ive heard from some people that because of the auto-hvac box having servos and such that the dash bar and possibly firewall need to be this tru, at least from your install experience ?

2. Also with regards to the auto-hvac, theres a light sensor on the upper portion of the did you get that to work? did you swap the dash panel ? or did you just purchase and install an oem light sensor by drilling a hole ?

3. If im not mistaken the 06+ STI's have yaw sensor input. I am under the impression that this comes from the steering column...does this mean I have to swap over an STI steering column ? or did you not notice a drastic difference in your column and the 07 STI one you installed ?

4. I read in your thread that there may have been an issue with the ABS and the plug or plug-in ? But then you said everyhting went together. I guess Im just verifying it all plugged in.

5. With regards to an ECU/Immoblizer, I have both from the same car, but do I have to have the matching gauge cluster? or can I simply purchase an STI gauge cluster and be ok ? I know my local dealer can cut a key for me, but the gauge cluster is my concern

Damn Im sorry to drop so much crap on everyone, this just seems to be stuff that the people I talk to cant answer...for some reason.

Thanks for any input...
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