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Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Gotcha. We're stuck in summer/show season and need to get the website updated. It's on our list. Anything Garrett carries, we can get though

Maz and I had similar results with the 3067, and everything he mentions about it, is spot on. If your big power goals are 500whp, this is not the turbo for you. If you want instant response or something that has the drivability of stock with a bunch more power, it's a great option. Discussing it might be a moot point because Garrett decided to drop it from the line. The GTX3067 is no more.

I've never used aftermarket axles in any of our cars, but I don't 'launch' them either... OK maybe once in a while, but it's VERY rare. If you're going to launch the car and/or seriously drag race it's something to consider. The OEM axles will take quite a bit of abuse and a spare set of OEMs is a lot cheaper than aftermarket as well. Something to consider. If you're breaking axles, a handful of other driveline components is not going to be far behind.

If the car is a GD, ditch the 11mm pump. Extra parasitic loss, added heat to the oil, improved probability of aeration (even more so if you delete AVCS altogether), no improved flow through the engine vs a 10mm pump.

At these power levels, I'd ditch the head work and cams. Maz and I made similar power with the 3576 on pump, but I made a lot more on E85 (same tuner, same dyno, and mostly similar mods), with the biggest differences being the block (we use sleeves in EVERYTHING) and the headwork. Unless you're shooting for a good bit over 600whp it's unnecessary. Given the reliability issues that come with using cams, in my book it's a big no-no for anyone wanting to commute, travel, or use their car like a 'normal' person. My recommendation for the heads is to find someone that knows the right way to bowl blend, get some Ferrea OEM size valves, their lightest springs (still heavier than OEM) and run the OEM cams. AVCS is a valuable feature, especially when it comes to widening the power curve (for someone that knows how to tune it properly).

Fueling will really come down to which turbo you settle on and what fuel you want to hit your power goal with, so I won't touch that one... yet.

Back to the turbo, Gen I vs Gen II. While the Gen II promises great things, from what I'm seeing the turbos are spooling the same, but on these engines you can expect ~10% of an improvement. So with Roy and I being 460 and 450 respectively, on pump 93 with a Gen II 3576 I would expect that number to be closer to 500. Of course depending on supporting mods. If that 500whp power goal is for E85 only, then I would consider the GTX3071-R Gen II. It will come close to your 500whp goal on E85 and will be almost as responsive as OEM. It's a great turbo for bigger power without lag getting to a level that I start to consider bothersome. A lot of people will recommend the 3076, and it will make more power and get you over 500, but it comes with a decent bit more lag over the 3071... which is why I tend to push the 3576 for anyone considering the 3076 because the lag is very similar, but the 3576 will have much lower EGTs, more power on less boost, and MUCH higher power potential in general.

My numbers for the 3067 were higher, but if my not completely senile old man memory serves me right, you were on snow tires at the time?

The mods aren't getting "ditched" , the engine is already done, as I stated. The 11mm pump was chosen by the shop because of the oiling mods and clearances. The car is a 95 as I stated when you were asking what year it was in the messages. I run a carbon driveshaft for now but if the time comes for even more power I will worry about the axles. They are oem for now.

I made these statements in my above post, the one you quoted:

Originally Posted by 2slofouru View Post

Here is what my build consists of, and I need good information on how to achieve 500whp and almost as much in torque. The turbo is now the only option for me to decide on with your complete package..


My longblock was done by Ken Carlson at Larry's:
The engine is done, the parts I've listed are going to be installed. Again, the main goal at this point is to decide on which model turbo to use.

So at this point the 3576 seems to be the only logical choice. The 3067 is still on your website, is that a glitch?
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