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Originally Posted by bjorn240
With all due respect to Miles, and while I tend to agree about the timing of this thread, I deeply disagree with the premise that ignorance is bliss and that if one races, one doesn't want to know about the possible effects of crashes.

I think that's absolutely wrong. Before you decide to get in a race car, you should have the insight to know what really might happen, the fortitude to accept it, and the foresight to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken.

My insights into what might happen were certainly sharpened by the incidents of the past weekend, but I'll still be back in a rally car at the next event. And I'll do it with a fuller knowledge of the risks posed. If I can also do it with a better insight into safety equipment, that's a plus.

- Christian
Thanks Christian, I do(EDITED) want to know about the effects,...I KNOW about the effects, and make the necc upgrades and take the precautions.

I see most of the people flaming me are involved in the sport, so then why are you guys flaming me, my anger was towards the guy who after Jamie explained things, still kept asking the same question.

I DO want to know, I guess it just seems bad, or un-timely as its so sooon afterwards. Call me a wus , but it always gets me worked up when someone looses their life in racing.

CAR 187.....

dropping like flys would be Lovell/Freeman and now Park. I am sure there are alot others who are not famous who dont get the press, but in Sportscar racing it doesnt seem to happen ( seem) as much as of late.

I knew in responding I would get flamed, and thats kool. Dont think I dont want to know about the details, I DO. I guess I have had my fill of seeing some bad things and felt like.."WOW" hasnt been that long.

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