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Originally Posted by legacygt777 View Post
Having the 6MT on the current legacy really makes no sense in 2020. The latest lines of legacies even the 2018 on up are in form more of a lower end luxury and having a 6MT would make no sales. Is my 3.6 R like my 05Gt? No. But it's a lot easier to drive and cruises better on the highway. Plus all the amenities makes it so easy to like. But that's me. If I'm in the mood for boost, I just take out my WRX on the weekend.

And those 2010 Legacy GT's with manual tranny's were terrible. Very numb feeling vehicles...which is why I traded my 05 Gt LTD for a 11 WRX ltd.
The main thing that got us into our 2010 LGT was the fact that it had decent power for a family sedan and specifically that it still could be had with a manual transmission. We bought it for the stick-shift driving, not the boost or any of the luxury features, and we bought our WRX for the exact same reasons. If the LGT had continued into the 2019 model year with the 6MT, we might well have gotten another.

For us, the lack of a MT is a hard no, a deal-breaker. It's just the way we want our cars to be put together. Everything else is secondary . . . at best.

I really like the CVT's in the legacy and Ascent. Subaru did a great job and I don't understand the hate.
Not everybody appreciates the way a CVT basically separates engine rpms from actual road speed . . . under acceleration it sounds too much like something in the powertrain is slipping, which was always a bad thing in regular production cars. Could make people think of a dying clutch if they have MT experience with that happening, or it could remind them of an AT with line pressure or low fluid level problems if they've had that sort of experience with a conventional automatic. All bad and potentially expensive things.

Another thing is that CVTs tend to be "soft" when accelerating away from a full stop. Once underway, I'm sure they're better, but you have to remember that this is an enthusiast-oriented forum and that hard acceleration away from a stop when the light goes green is still a big part of that enthusiasm for most.

I think that covers the majority of people who don't care for CVTs. I don't care for them because they're sort of like any other automatic in most respects only worse. Worse as in even more different from driving a stick-shift car.

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