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Default COBB crank pulley review

I'll keep this short and sweet. Install was easy. Remove coolant reservoir, belts... and then use 2ft breaker bar and 22mm socket on the crank pulley bolt... get a pipe that is a little longer than 2ft (I've kept one of these around since my Honda days... if u don't have one, u can usually get one for free from any muffler shop... they have them lying around as scrap...) and install over the breaker bar... put some towels above the lower rad hose to bring the breakerbar "assembly" up higher so it is nearly pressing against the driver side subframe... put a towel in the gap between the bar and subframe... the purpose of the towel is so that when u crank it, the bar doesn't WHAP your subframe and put a dent or scratch in it or anything...

Turn ignition for 0.5s and it's off... install COBB pulley, put car into 5th or 6th, crank the e-brake... and torque to 80ftlbs... replace belts, coolant reservoir and you're done.

Gains are about 2%... feels about the same improvement as when I yanked about 60 lbs out of the car (roughly 2% of 3000 lbs). U get slightly easier revving for heel-toe as well... saves 4 lbs from stock... feels like lightening the stock flywheel about 2 lbs (since flywheel is larger in diameter) in terms of the quicker revving... can't wait to do the flywheel.

On the agenda...
Group N tranny mount
Cobb shifter bushings
COBB uppipe
COBB downpipe

Anybody know if there is any negative to removing all the heatshields from the downpipe back? Besides the engine bay heat shield that shields the intercooler from exhaust heat, and all the heat shields for the exhaust manifold, can I remove all of them from the downpipe to the muffler and not have any adverse affects besides a slightly warmer interior? I want to save weight.

I understand that pre-turbo, u want as much heat in the gases as possible to help with spool... but post-turbo, I would think it doesn't matter. Those heat shields post turbo are only on one side anyways, so the amount of heat they keep "in the exhaust" would seem negligible since u have all the cold air virtually blowing past the exhaust and tranfering heat through (mostly) convection.
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