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Originally Posted by benflynn View Post
An EJ with higher CR would compare better.

I wonder how many 8sec or 1200hp FA there are out there
Sure, you could build an EJ with higher CR pistons but then it would also be more susceptible to knock at high boost levels without the aid of direct injection. You could also add a stroker crank to the build. And a bottom mounted, twin scroll turbo setup would also compare & perform better.. but Subaru didn't build that modern EJ for us. The EJ's basic design hasn't changed and is 20+ years old at this point. Technology & engine design have advanced a lot.

I agree, if you want a dyno queen or the faster drag car, the EJ is "easier" to get there at this point since it's been around for so long and has huge aftermarket support. But expect to spend at least $30k+ on the engine to reach those goals and have a shop/race team to perform routine engine rebuilds/refreshes. If those are your goals, a Subaru isn't the best car for you anyways. If you want an AWD monster, a GTR is a much better platform to start with.

The average Subaru enthusiast wants a practical, fast-ish, fun street car that's still reliable.. not a full blown drag car. The OP doesn't even want to upgrade the turbo.. so the FA engine is the better choice for simple bolt-ons. Show me a STI with the stock turbo and injectors that can push ~400whp.. it just can't happen. However, IMO the STI is the better all around package from a driving dynamics standpoint (I've owned both).

I'm not hating on the EJ.. in fact I'd choose the S-series EJ207 over the FA20 & EJ257. If Subaru & STI can mix & match parts from the BRZ to build an STI-tuned FA24DIT then I think we would have a winner. Ideally, it would come from the factory with dual injection, a higher flowing intake manifold & heads like the BRZ.. and of course a properly sized turbo & cams that could operate at higher RPMs like the BRZ. But I don't think that'll happen

Now that aftermarket ancillary port injection is available for the FA20DIT, there are more WRXs in the 600-800whp range pushing 9s in the 1/4. I look forward to seeing the potential of the STI's FA24DIT. Keep in mind, the EJ257's 2.5L has nearly a 25% displacement advantage over the FA20's 2.0L.
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