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I am not leaking from anywhere. Oil and coolant are fine. No camshaft cap leaks, no visible leaks from camshaft oil seals, no problems with rear camshaft plugs either. Only thing out of place is the sound the valves are now making (or not making as the case may be).

I may be just getting used to the changes, but it just seems like there isn't as much there as before. My buddy just recently got his MY01 2.5RS, which is sort of why this came up. Maybe its just the extra torque because of the lack of intake and exhaust, but his car feels like it pulls more mid tach. Granted I haven't driven it yet and things always feel different from the drivers seat. Maybe I will just keep quiet until I have reset my valves and driven a stock 2.5RS. I know stock vs cammed, the cammed car will have a slightly reinforced midrange and will just walk away in the upper revs.

Honestly, my car did push me back into the seat. Granted, its not like a turbo and not like that '90 civic hb with the b16a (civic si motor) I rode in this weekend, but it still was there. It was a really cool feeling. Perhaps I am just paranoid about me doing the install. I did everything by the number, so I think I am ok there. /me crosses fingers hoping its just the loose valves.

ColinL: Sorry to hear you have things going wrong. On the install, I did not have any burning oil or coolant (removal of heads probably). I did not replace my camshaft oil seals, but they were not damaged during the install. Your head gaskets may be fine, but perhaps you just didn't get them set properly. Did you replace your camshaft oil seals or did you reuse the existing ones? My only concern for oil leakage was the camshaft cap, but they seem ok. Hope you get things sorted. I know that I feel very confident to do another camshaft install, so I am sure you should be ok tearing into it again. I am going to do a homemade P&P this summer, but until then...

Strepto: yes, the valve lash should be set (according to Trey) at 3000 miles. ColinL set his right after the break in period. It appears that Jon Bogert had his reset at 1000 miles. I think I will go ahead and reset mine after about 600 miles.

Anybody think that valve lash could change power delivery dramatically?

...enough rambling...

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