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I am very confident that my iSR intake is hampering my high-rev performance, but the torque down low is good. I distinctly remember being able to pull well above 90mph, so your statement helps AndresRS01.

As for more rpms, I am sure your car can take it now. Might I suggest going the Haltech route since Trey is right there to help you get it setup. I think Trey stated that the mods on your car should allow you to take about 7k redline. I'm not for sure on that, but I know it can take more than 6250. I have also heard good things on the JC Torque Chip II, but it will not allow manipulation of the revlimiter. Do you think your car is really at the end of the fuel systems capabilities? Maybe just a simple fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator is all you need.

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