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Originally Posted by dspowersports View Post
I have 2007 WRX with 19K miles. Mods so far are:

Cobb DP (catted) and SPT 3" Catback

Run of the mill Stage 2 with protune - currently 238WHP and 260wtq on 93 octain

Looking for best bang for the buck to be about 350WHP or more. Or rather, I'd like to be low 13's 1/4 mile or high 12's would be nice. Before the tune I ran 14.0's all day, I know I gained a couple of tenths from the tune but haven't been back to the track.

All tuning to be done at P&L Motorsports in Chicago. They have a Dynojet Dyno. Plan to do the tune next spring or summer, depending on when I would get all the parts installed. They don't tune with opensource so I'll keep the AP unless someone has a better idea.

What do I need for Turbo and supporting mods? Assume FMIC will be installed, or APS TMIC. I'd also like to consider a tune with e85 along with the 93.
Honestly you already have PLENTY of power for high 12s. If I had to guess, I would say that at this point its down to practicing. 14.0s is what stock 06-07s can do, a stage 2, untuned is a low 13s car, and tuned should hit 12s with a good driver. Drag racing is a lot harder than people like to think. I should know, I'm terrible at it

Going off the numbers you made at your mod level, getting to 350whp is a roughly 120whp increase. This is going to take a large turbo upgrade, and honestly, you are likely going to need internals shortly thereafter.

In your situation I wouldnt even consider anything smaller than a 20G and a FMIC, along with meth injection. And that power level on that dyno is good for high 11s. Its been done on lower mod levels.

If you are looking for a very streetable setup that is WAY more than capable of the numbers you want

TurboXS tmic
Blouch TD05-18G 8cm
750cc deatschwerks injectors walbro pump
Good intake (aps 65mm, aFe, something of the like)

Tune for 18.5PSI on 93 octane. Add meth injection and 19.5PSI if you really want to have something great.

You wont ever beat that setup for a day to day driver friendly experience. And it is definitely a mid 12second car any day of the week unless you live in Denver or something.
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