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Quick question hope this a ok place to post. I have id1000 and a walbro 465 e85 pump that I wired with a dw hardwire kit to run 100% as per the directions on the kit. The pump and the relay are grounded to the chassis so the pump runs all the time when the ignition is on, This really helped my flow but I wanted to keep my idc down more so I got a fuelab fpr and installed it today.
I set it as per instructions but it seems I cant get the base pressure lower then 50psi. With the fpr on the loosest setting with the key turned on but not started she reads around 45psi but as soon as I turn the car on she goes rite to 50 ish. Even if the vac line is hooked up or not it still reads 50. I thought when it was in vac it should go lower? Is it just that the pump is flowing so much that it cant go lower? Wither way it seems to be fine as I was going to up my base pressure to around 50-55 anyway and she runs normal. It actually idles a lot nicer and is not running rich as I assume my oem was getting over run by this pressure when I hard wired the pump.
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