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Originally Posted by thill View Post
I have been a big fan of Savage Geese when he owned the FR-S and I owned a BRZ and started following him on Youtube. He always told it like it was and really isn't a fanboy or biased to one brand or another etc.

I watched the Golf R review and found it to be spot on. I've owned an MK7R Golf R, currently own an RS, and have owned multiple WRX's. All of these cars have pros and cons it comes down to your personality and what is more important to you. No doubt the Golf R is the better hot hatch daily driver. Interior, road handling, AWD, spacious interior, good MPG, etc. The Focus RS is more of an enthusiast car. More firm, more precise, better AWD/handling, more of a motor sport feel. The STI is more like the RS, in that it is less refined and not as comfortable as a daily, but it just has a certain presence and personality that the Golf R doesn't have. The Type R is somewhere between the RS and Golf R. I think Honda just took the styling too far for my liking.

Good time to be into these types of cars.
Agree with your take. Agreed with him on the R too, especially the steering feel.

I didnít agree with some the things he said about the RS in his review, especially the drivetrain, as he just lumped it basically, but it certainly didnít offend me, and I watched well before purchase time. I think he wanted to be the one not praising it as many other people like him, whether you-boob people, or journalists, were. It was funny to watch his comments then he drives it and says ďincredibleĒ or something like that. He likes what he likes and also said heíd take the RA over any of them, even though itís slower.

I watched his recent AP2 review recently also, and I owned one, and didnít agree with him on it either. Thatís one car I have never missed once, since I sold it. I will tell you one thing, he is biased, but we all are, and he is at least consistent in his comments, and not afraid to piss people off or go against the grain.
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