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Default Dealership Bricked ECU

Hey all,
This past December I had picked up a 13' WRX Hatch that I assume to be was running stage 2 as a certified car from Shultz Certified in Pittsburgh. Everything with the car had been amazing (don't need to hear about buying a tuned car it'll have a roll cage and be a track car when i can afford a secondary).
My battery had gone bad when I was visiting my sister in Canada, when i got back it was reading 1.9V. All was perfectly fine until this moment, scheduled a appointment at the dealership to have the stock exhaust thrown back on due to noise complaints with being catless with headers in a smaller town in Vermont.

Was not really a fan of the idea of having them do the work for free as I really didn't think they seemed qualified to be doing the work and tune in order for it to go back to stock-ish with the mods that are still currently on it. Well turns out when they swapped back to the stock exhaust I ended up getting a call from them saying they pretty much fried the ecu, and were sending it out to Cobb for them to rebuild that and the V2 AP. Car has been in the shop for over 11 days now and I'm really not happy with them and how they've handled it. any advice on my end would be greatly appreciated, does going back to the stock exhaust after running a tune for so long eventually cause problems?

When the battery went dead is when I started seeing all the trouble with it, Threw a p0134 CEL, traction control light is currently on and cruise control was also illuminated constantly when I had brought it back to the dealer in Pittsburgh.
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