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Originally Posted by Leadfoot77 View Post
Just to clarify - these are not just air bubbles, there is some tiny fiber/hair in the bubble preventing it from sealing to the window (I think) - THAT is the problem. There are a few of these and they are very tiny - you would never see them on pictures like that ^^ you have to be like RIGHT UP on the glass looking for them... The question is whether this is unavoidable and I should just deal with it - they are miniscule and not noticeable unless you are looking up close looking for something - that being said I paid for a service and want to make sure I got what I paid for so if this is not common or if it's avoidable then I will consider going back. I just don't want to waste my time if this is a common issue with tinting.
yes i was aware that the picture wouldn't help much, it was more or less to decorate the thread. Even looking close i can find very very few miniscule little dust bubbles. The guy that did mine did an absolute amazing job, especially for $130. Most of the imperfections now are due to carrying 2 mountain bikes in the back, which scratched places in the tint.

If the imperfections are something you cant see from a couple feet away, i wouldn't worry about, once the new wears off, you'll forget about it, and no-one in the world besides you will look that closely. If its excessive though, I'd have them redo the ones that are the worst.
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