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Originally posted by subyluvr2212
I think Dennis ex24 is on this board, he just sold his monster XT Turbo to a previous XT6 owner in Miami. The motor is completely built by a 20-yr SOA tech, 91 Legacy VF11 turbo, T-bird IC, some WRX exhaust parts, XT6 complete susp. swap, and a FT4WD 5spd tranny.

Just realize that the limits of the EA82T engine are in the headgaskets. Put any reasonable amount of boost to the factory gaskets on an old EA82T and they'll blow worse than 96 Outbacks.

Good luck though, XT's are fun cars no matter what their trim level!
I Have turned boost 'in standard trim' to 11 Psi with no Cooler and Pulled Cyl Head Bolts from the Block, ONE PRODUCT....VHT TORQUE-TIGHT-COPPER-GASKET-SPRAY, NEXT PRODUCT, (a bit tricky first time round), RE-COIL THREAD INSERTS or 'Porsche-Type' CASE-SAVERS, trouble is, if you do it yourself, (is there any other way?), it is awkward to get the 'TWO INSERTS' to 'align themselves so-as a bolt, (11x1mm from memory), will pass through both without friction, (enemy when torquing.....DER!). That's what I DID, THENM TURNED THE BITCH UP TO 15 PSi, DISCONNECTED FUEL CUT AND RAN LOW 13's with standard ENG management!! Ended up popping the C/Wheel in a 31 Spline EFI 82 Series BOX!!!! Chucked it all away, (sold it to a HILL CLIMB FRIEND), and bought the 95 REX.....but that's another story.........

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