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Originally Posted by subyrally
i have an old rx, im about to put a wrx turbo and intercooler on it. ive heard that it works out rather well.
Just curious, subyrally, how are you going to fit a 'Rex 'Cooler on a EA82 series Manifold? As far as I am aware, the outlet for the OEM turbo Faces UP,
as does the Throttle Body, I have had a 99 'Rex 'Cooler for 3 years and never saw any viable way of 'making it fit', (other than rotatng OEM Compressor housing and sticking 'Cooler cooler upright through bonnet)!!

Why don't you just 'Shoe-Horn the Whole Driveline in there??
Eng, Trans, Diff, Custom T/Shaft, Gauge Cluster.

You will find if you do this with a manual 5 speed Manual ,(Standard), you will
"Change Lanes" when you 'Flat-Change' second gear.

206kw Divided by 1186KG=5.7kg per Kw!!!
Now it's Ferrari!!!! (By the Numbers....)
If you buy a front-cut import, (cut from behind front seats, rear diff/cradle inc), take wiring out in one piece, fit climate control etc to OEM dash, even has connectors for 'Tweeters' on the dash etc, headlights plug straight in, as do horns, Turn signals, fit gauge cluster, graft rear harness in, (on DS Kick Panel), fit EFI fuel pump, (Local Generic EFI pump is fine as OEM not in tank),
My auto electrician had the thing running in 45mins, (Even thermo fans going the right way!!)

This was by far one of best conversions and still gets down the Drags every now and then, it is daily driven and has yet to be beaten on the road!!

If you are convinced you want to stick to the EA82, I would fit a front mount
and the 'Rex Turbo, (Go for 99 Sti), you will definitely need an after market Programmable ECU, (Dyno Tuning is expensive), also, the EA82 Injection is very Primitive, (by todays standards), and triggers fuel and spark from Distributor Driven by a Manually adjustable cam belt!!=Maintenance/Detonation/Problems.

Do some sums on what it will cost and I think you will find the EJ20T conv is the better choice. I am still a HUGE fan of the EA82 Motor and worked with a Guy from Chile who was invloved heavily in Engine Development for WRC Rally Team way back then, also worked on World Speed Record Liberty in '92!
He also agrees it just aint worth it!!!
But I still want to know how you will fit 'Coooler and Turbo from EJ20/5 series to EA82...... Keep me posted.

I still need a secretary for typing........and other duties!!!
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