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Default Subaru not honoring warranty oil leak known in engine

Links below are facts showing are true facts showing the actions of Subaru Of America⇄ />

Bought car from a Subaru dealership that had very bad dealing with taking care of my vehicle, contacted the dealership. It took about a week to to finally get the car repair, when it was repair I notice I could still smell oil burning, I contacted both Dealership and Subaru of America. Made several complaints but nothing was done about it, I was assured that the problem was fixed and it was done right.

I have maintain and service that car, I was told by the dealership and Subaru of America that all was repairs was done correctly and I did notice that the car was losing oil every 3,000 miles but I was told by the dealership that was normal and nothing to worry about. But I was told to maintain the proper oil changes approximate every 3000 miles and since it was a new car and there was free oil change for 2 years I did just that.

Recently I learn that it was not normal about the oil leaking and that this engine in this model car. The Company knew of this problem and had tried to hide it from the consumers to keep a better profit for its shareholders, a class action suit took Subaru of America to court and the details was disclose about the engine losing oil and that the company knew and tried to hide it. The court order them to fix it but I am seeing they are not really living up to the deal made to the courts. What they have done is put in place a scam that makes the consumer to pay for repairs to be able to take the test showing that the engine is faulty which cost about 2500 dollars, but if you fix the problem then the test they want to run dealing with the oil consumption will pass cause the leaks is fixed.

But that not the end of this nightmare, I also found out the Subaru of America sued the Dealership that I bought the car from for filing out positive report that the customers said how great the service and how please they were with this car when they were not please at all, and the owner of at this dealership, made people to lie about the engine and the car by filing reports. With the bad experiences they had received like me. This dealership close its doors and the records of how many times I was there for service was lost along with how many times I complained.

Do you think that when I came back to Subaru of America since I had found a honest mechanic which told me that I needed a engine repair and point all of this problem to me and also told me that this was a common problem with this engine. So the mechanic advise me to return to Subaru dealership and let them know and see how this was going to be handle. I made several call. Got different quotes just to bring it in to be looked at. But finally the dealership of Irvine where most of the repairs and really I am very happy about most of their service but Subaru of America customer people in charge that I was put in contact with has lied to my face over the telephone that there was nothing wrong with these vehicles 2012 to 2016 I think I was told.

But later after a few days the person came back with a offer of 1000 dollars off to help in the repairs of this vehicle, which I was told they was doing me a favor. I was also told that my car never had any reports about oil engine leaks by the person I was dealing with to get this matter resolve and I found out that was not the truth. He was telling me cause the Dealership of Irvine underline that their computer show that the right side was repair for a engine problem and the codes were on the papers showing it needed to be repaired again. But the person never shared that with me and the Corporate America knew of the bad dealing of this dealership where I bought this car and why they went out of business and that they had sued them in court and won.

This is what big company do. They find ways not to hold up to their responsibility or try to find ways to appease the consumer by either showing they have little concerns and honor, so they give as little as possible to maintain higher profit. I wrote back to the gentleman which I was assigned but also email Subaru of America my concerns and I know they should fix my car for free instead of paying a small portion or the other offer was 1000 dollars off of a purchase of a new car from them. Now don't you find this to be a real big joke and insulting to anyone who has been scam by dealerships selling their product telling you that they maintain the highest standards and guarantee doing business as well as warranty of excellents.

I'm still waiting. It's been over a week and no reply from the emails I have sent to all parties not even a phone calls. What is sad is the hours and time spent, researching and being frustrated by employees that are told to lie, not to have compassion, and find any possible way to not honor their commitment. I live in Fountain Valley, I was at the dealership on 10/25/19 customer no. **.

Now that is if Subaru of America or anyone want to check but I feel what needs to be checked is the class action suit claims what was discovery first and the outcome which was addressed and then find out there is a charge by most dealership for about 137.00 dollars just to check to find out and you can't get the consumption test until the repairs are done, which is about 2500 dollars. And that cost is also at the consumer dime, even if the test shows that it is a problem you are still out this large amount of money, but what even more funny is the Company has extended the warranty of this engine to 8 years but the cost is still on the consumers.
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