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Originally Posted by DTECH-WRX

"The STI’s four-cylinder still offers 300 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, but gets a new tuned exhaust (as does the WRX) with all four equal-length pipes expelling gas out of the combustion chambers. The system improves low- and mid-range torque—not to mention the throaty sound the exhaust emits."

Unless Autoweek does not know what they are talking about, looks like Subaru might be setting up for a twin scroll turbo upgrade for the 2007 STi since equal length is more ideal for twin scroll setups (for spool up / simultaneous exhasut gas pulses on the turbine wheel through the twin scroll turbine housing manifold.

Hey Bud,
I thought the Twin Scroll Turbo was different to the 'Dual Housing/Twin Influx/Dual Exh' Turbo in that the Compressor wheel Has every serond blade shorter than the next as the first blade creates that much turbulance that the trailing blade at full length is only 50% effecient, therefore they cut away the 'ineffecient' part of the blade, reducing rotating mass, decreasing turbo response, (spool up), times, and decreasing charge air temps. Whereas the 'Dual Housing turbo is just that, they seperate the exhaust 'inlet' to make greater use of the exh 'pulses' from the Eng, this setup is particularly effective on Eng's that have the Turbo basically bolted 'real close' to the Exh ports.

Not sure though...


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