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Originally Posted by Celly View Post
Well, because of this exact reason I have decided not to drive my car for the next couple of days. Here is why:

I want to flush out all the preconceived notions I have -- and honestly go out and drive the car with an open mind, and an honest foot. I mean we have all been through a ton -- and I know I'm being biased.. When I went back to the dealer, the first words out of my mouth were "It's not the same..." -- And I honestly hope it's my mind playing tricks on me.

You have to think think of it this way... Remember that one girl/guy you really liked... And then you found out that they slept with some douche bag / ass hat / sexual deviant / awkward inanimate object... And those feelings were never the same for that person again? I mean, the person was the same -- Just your mental image of that person changed... I think that is what is going on with me..

I bought this car to have something fun to drive, and if I can't get past those feelings, I'm pissing away money... So, for my sake... And for the sake of my car... We're going to spend some time apart..

So -- In a few days... With a fresh objective mind... I'm going to give her another chance... I'm hoping for the best... We'll see...
I didn't mean psychologically. I mean that if you drove it and it felt amiss there are probably very real problems with your vehicle (especially considering that your dealership botched an engine install so badly that it self destructed immediately upon start-up).

Since last December I have had a spun rod bearing cause catastrophic engine failure requiring long block replacement. Ever since then I have noticed an occasional severe hesitation during acceleration, which persists to the present day (as well as a few other abnormalities probably all a result of the factory ECU tune). I have driven for 2 months with intermittent CEL's requiring 4 different trips to my local dealer to presumably resolve (one trip to diagnose, one completely unsuccessful, one to replace secondary air injection valve, one to conduct service on wiring harness/relay/fuses related to secondary air injection valve system). I have made 2 trips to my local dealer for service relating to what I believed to be use or loss of engine coolant; service adviser hypothesized that engine coolant was lost due to specific service procedure conducted and engine coolant level was not restored at the conclusion of service. Upon receiving my vehicle back from the secondary air injection valve replacement service the vehicle was returned to me with an apparent boost leak (or other abnormal high frequency noise from engine bay after turbo spool up), a damaged intercooler, and literally 7 other different pieces of equipment that were not installed properly (not clear to me if defects originated from factory and had not been observed or otherwise originated from dealer service). Bolts were literally missing, fasteners were not fastened, etc.

At that point I documented (including pictures) all of my problems and contacted SOA. Vehicle was returned to dealer for service. Dealer resolved a few of the existing issues but I still have a damaged intercooler, I still have an apparent boost leak (or other abnormal high frequency noise from engine bay after turbo spool up; I've also confirmed this abnormality by driving another 09 WRX Sedan since), and believe it or not (even though I provided pictures demonstrating exactly what defects existed in regard to improperly installed equipment) not all equipment was installed properly!

It's become obvious that my local dealer will be unable to remedy my problems but I'm not sure any other dealers will want to deal with them either. And regardless of that I have developed extremely valid concerns about the reliability and longevity of this vehicle. I have attempted to remain cordial while trying to work with SOA to assist in putting me in another 09 WRX or other Subaru but I'm beginning to feel like they've recently developed a policy of ignoring me. I honestly have no idea how to proceed at this point and I am beginning to feel like my only option is to lawyer up.

Thus the comment "if your experience was similar to mine your vehicle will never be the same again."
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