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Originally Posted by Derek11WRX View Post
I have a 2011 WRX with AEM intake and cobb ap stage 1.

I'm just wondering what others are seeing with stage 1 boost through out gears? i know i'm supposed to see around 16 before it tapers. i see like 13 psi gears 1-3 and then finally i saw 15.9 in 4th gear. is that correct?

i dont feel a huge difference over stock. my girlfriend has a 2011 wrx also that is stock and they drive very similar even though mines stage 1. i do feel a little difference mid range but thats about it.. any input would be helpful thanks.
As the others stated, you want to make sure you running the AEM intake map. This map does not ship on the AP and you will need to download it from our map repository, transfer it to the AP via the AP Manager software, and reflash the map to the car:

Try going to the AP's "Tune" - "Show Current Map" menu and report back what map you have in the reflash slot and what map you have in the realtime slot.

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