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One night while at a bar, running sound for a friend's band, I was outside smoking. A drunken couple comes up and the girl starts talking to me about the hockey game that night ( I had a Capital's shirt on). We all talk for a bit, and she is taking the clear lead in the conversation as he's a bit more drunk.

She turns the conversation to me, saying I'm cute, do I live nearby... All the while Puddinhead McGillacutty next to her is swaying around the table. After a short time, she walks over and puts her hand on my chest, turns to her SO and says, "I like him. Can we take him home?" I uncomfortably chuckle as Puddinhead, in a very slurred voice politely declines the request.

She pouts, turns and kisses my cheek and says, "maybe next time," and they go back inside.

I look over at my friend, who was watching the whole thing, and he's just laughing his ass off as I try to process what just happened.
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