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Originally Posted by Grap
One night while at a bar, running sound for a friend's band, I was outside smoking. A drunken couple comes up and the girl starts talking to me about the hockey game that night ( I had a Capital's shirt on). We all talk for a bit, and she is taking the clear lead in the conversation as he's a bit more drunk.

She turns the conversation to me, saying I'm cute, do I live nearby... All the while Puddinhead McGillacutty next to her is swaying around the table. After a short time, she walks over and puts her hand on my chest, turns to her SO and says, "I like him. Can we take him home?" I uncomfortably chuckle as Puddinhead, in a very slurred voice politely declines the request.

She pouts, turns and kisses my cheek and says, "maybe next time," and they go back inside.

I look over at my friend, who was watching the whole thing, and he's just laughing his ass off as I try to process what just happened.

I went tubing once. Not penis related. Afterwards this chickvwith great cans and a boyfriend is talking to me and my buddy. And het boyfriend.

Out of nowhere shes stares at my friend and says, 'i like those filthy porns where a girl takes on two guys at once.' Then turns to me and says, 'or three.'.

Im not into extra dicks when im in the act, but her sluttery was super hot.
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