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Originally Posted by akor0056 View Post
Alittle context to start, I have a new bottom end (IAG stage 2) I broke the 800 recommended mile range and had the car (2013 WRX 2.5l) tuned. After a few pulls my tuner grabs me and wants to shed some light on what is going on. His concerns were that the car was experiencing an abnormal amount of knock and was pulling timing, he didn't want to ignore too much of it incase there was an actual knock event. He pointed to somethings in the engine bay that should be corrected before doing the final tune.

My question is how sensitive is the knock sensor, would say a factory up pipe with broken welds on the heat shield cause enough vibration to have the output of the knock sensor trigger?

Another question about knock is have you ever seen fuel additives cause high levels of knock, and why is that?
Your tuner sucks, find a real tuner. If all he is doing is relying on what a knock sensor is telling him and based on what he said "he didn't want to ignore too much of it (knock sensor) incase there was an actual knock event" tells me he doesn't actually know what knock is, and how to identify it during a tune.

There are so many ways to quickly determine this I would run from this tooner as fast as possible
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