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Originally Posted by DanFromOmaha View Post
Would the turbo still spin? Because I was about to say if its seized, maybe you could tell by not hearing a turbo whistle.
Depends on how bad the failure is. If its seized, it won't spin at all, but chances are its still spinning and that is whats making the whining noise.

Originally Posted by Zwilks14 View Post
do you think its possible to blow the turbo? my car only has 77,000 miles on it?
It is definitely possible for the turbo to blow with that many miles. You could check yourself by taking the downpipe off (or at least taking it off the turbo and moving it out of the way a little) and trying to spin the turbine. If it spins freely and there is no shaft play then your problem is somewhere else, but I bet your problem is the turbo...
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