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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
You are all forgetting the real reason people are not buying EV in quantity. There is no actual reason to get one. Gas is not expensive, gas cars are not going anywhere. There is absolutely zero reason for most poeple to switch. It is something different with obvious drawbacks that you must swallow. But if you stop and think people are asking why are you not buying an EV as if you needed a reason to NOT buy one. You simply have no reason to switch from something that has been working for 100 years.

Until they are better with zero drawbacks and are cheaper, what is the compelling reason to spend more for less.

Also most EV that are affordable do suck. Including the fischer price interior model 3
I think I mentioned it in this thread or another EV thread but the EV switch will take a long time. Most people simply don't trade in a vehicle and pay more money just because. For most, its just a means of transportation and until that vehicle becomes old or starts requiring costly repairs outside of warranty, there really isn't a compelling reason to buy one.

I think this will be a gradual change over the next 25 years with possibly full EV car sales only in 35-45 years.
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