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Originally Posted by AZScoobie View Post
Yeah Ed. Def knock correction going on around 3800.

Wrong - see above post the boost was tapered down in that area of the map to help prevent boost creeping in 5th and 6th gear. I try to keep the boost under control at all times which usually means running lower WGDC in that area of the map.

Sometimes you sound to me like a real idiot when you pontificate on something you dont have hard facts on.

Lucky for me I know that you have a clue but in this case you are really speaking without the benefit of any data log or information.

The delta dash logs showed no knock retard what so ever both on the dyno and on the road in 4th, 5th and 6th gear testing. Of course your 3rd hand impression, made without the benefit of any data logging or data, is proably very accurate - lol.

I think you should realize that no car leaves my hands without several dozen carfully loged dyno runs and a very careful road test. Simply put, I have been doing this just as long as you have and you should already know that I do not produce half assed work that is pulling timing or having knock correction issues.

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