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Originally Posted by chanomatik View Post
He turned his lights on AFTER I parked. He claimed the speed limit was 5MPH... Does APD have any jurisdiction over the speed limit of a privately owned parking lot? And if there's no posted speed limit, isn't it like 25MPH?
Standard parking lots like at convenient stores and what not are all 5mph, 10 if posted otherwise. It's one of the things you're supposed to know when you get your license. Driving school teaches this a bit more... they pretty much will explain if you're ever on such and such road this is the base speed limit you assume to go by if you don't see a marker.

Yes I know what you're thinking --> if that's the case then 80%+ of people should get pulled over in parking lots. However, obviously that's not the case and it's just more of which officer you pissed off and in reality just how fast you may have been going.

Pretty sure where you were at Carrs they have jurisdiction, unless the owner otherwise says hey yea he can speed here or whatever. Though because a public location, don't think you'll win that battle.

I will agree as mentioned before.. if you have the time to contest it without losing too much money doing so, then do it. Sometimes can cut a break or get it cleared because of lack of evidence, no show, good will, etc
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