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Originally Posted by Brahmzy View Post

Keep milking that EJ Subaru.

Who gives a crap - most folks tune the car well past what any mildly hotter stock tune would provide, so itís a net gain of exactly ZERO. Now if they beefed up a bunch of the internals, that something different, but Iím sure they didnít...
First off: not trying to defend the EJ here.

Most folks drive their car stock until the warranty period is up, or keep it stock for their ownership period. I'm not even sure most people on this forum start modding right away.

As for gains with this updated EJ (again, assuming it's the RA engine) you get a better rotating assembly from the factory, as well as a better factory tune, while maintaining your warranty; does the EJ need to shuffle off to the retirement home? yes; but does the FA20/FA24 need to be rigorously tested prior to plunking it in the Subaru's top tier performance car? also yes.

Subaru isn't likely to stuff an entirely new engine into a chassis that is at the end of it's life cycle and re-certify it, especially something that moves as few units as the STi does.
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