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Originally Posted by Vancouver98STi View Post
The images embedded in your posts are now much easier to access and view!

Did you have an issue with with rainwater somehow leaking into your car, and then perhaps soaking the carpet's underfelt... and ultimately rusting the floor?

When I went to look at the GF8 that I now own, I asked the previous owner to have a look under the rear cargo area cover. When he lifted the cover to expose the spare tire compartment, I couldn't believe my eyes. The car had obviously been outside in the rain for awhile... and the spare tire tub was full of water to the top! I asked the owner if he kept goldfish back there. Despite this issue, I ended up buying the car... although yes, the water infiltration problem helped to get the price down. Fortunately, the water hadn't been making its way into the passenger/carpeted area of the wagon, and thankfully there was no interior rust.
Definitely have that problem too. I located the leak to a seam under the rear windshield in the runoff channel toward the right side where two body panels come together. I had a bunch of debris and dirt build up there too causing water to sit in the channel. Cleaned it out and have yet to figure out how to stop the actual leak.

On a long road trip, my ac condensation tube dislodged itself somehow and was draining into my passenger's footwell, flooding the entire right side of the car. It looks like whoever worked on the car before cut up the tubing here and there and was zip tying pieces wherever they needed tubing so my drain tube barely extends out of the firewall. smfh.

Pretty sure at one point the driver window was left open too, at one of the NE shops I wont mention, and the driver door card is stained and there's a bit of rust under the passenger seat too.

Found more spots where rust is bleeding through the converter I put on. I used an angle grinder and went at it with a wire wheel. I wonder if it wasn't enough to actually remove the majority of the rust, or if it's just too humid when I applied the converter?
Kind of worried how this will affect the rest of the areas I tried to clean up...
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