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I am stumped as to what is actually wrong with my 2007 Subaru Impreza 2.5i. It has 130,000 miles on it and I donít know when the head gasket was replaced last. About a month ago I was driving when suddenly the check engine light came on, the Cruise light started blinking, and the temperature gauge dropped down to C. I couldíve sworn I heard the sound of something small and metal getting knocked loose just before this happened. I take it to my mechanic and his diagnostic machine says itís a faulty thermostat. I take it a week later to get the thermostat replaced, and my mechanic says it wasnít a faulty thermostat- there was no thermostat on it at all. The gasket around the thermostat had also been siliconed to the engine. He installs a new thermostat and seal, all is well. He takes it for a test drive and comes back with it smoking- it overheated after about two blocks. It was hissing and smoke pouring everywhere. He said the previous owner mustíve purposely removed the thermostat because of this, possibly to hide a head gasket problem. He removed the thermostat, reinstalled the new seal around the gasket, and tried to do a better job sealing it to the engine. As long as thereís no thermostat, I have no issues with overheating. Sometimes the engine temperature drops if Iím coasting downhill, but even then the heater still works. Itís a little sluggish when I step on the gas to pull out on a hill, but drives just fine in any other situation. Thereís no white smoke, no fluid leaks anywhere, and my coolant is the right color and the level doesnít go down. Thereís no noticeable change in my gas mileage either. The previous owner mentioned an issue with the water pump, but said it was fixed. The timing belt is a little noisy, and the radiator cap might have a small area of dry rot.

What is really wrong with my car?
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